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LARGE Old wrench for tractor or implement?

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 Saw this one in an antique store last week and went back 2 days ago and bought it cause it was so different. First thing that caught my eye is it's size, about 19 inches. Then what is usually the flat smooth area around the openings reminds me of a crescent moon on this one because of the shape. I quickly realized it was pre 1929 due to the sizes marked for the openings, 3/4 and 7/8, which actually measure 1 3/8 and 1 1/2 which are marked 32 & 38 on the other side. Then in about the center of the side marked 32&38 is a triangle with an S inside. Did some searching on various sites for who might have used the triangle S as their logo/trademark but found nothing. Can anyone out there tell me more about this wrench, maker, approximate age, what it was used on/for? TIA for any help you can provide.

Newbie Charlie

Looks fairly modern of Asian or European descent.

32 and 38 are likely millimeters.  They correspond closely to the inch measurements you made.  The markings 3/4 and 7/8 are likely Whitworth which also correspond to the "across the flats" measurements.
Probably not an antique but a cool wrench regardless.

I agree with all said. I would guess its of German lineage.

 WOW! What a wealth of knowledge we have on this site. Many thanks to all who have/may chime in. I would never have guessed a European connection. I will be contacting the person who had it at the antique store to see if they can tell me where/how they might have obtained it, I definitely would like to know more about it. I suppose it could have made its way to the USA with someone immigrating.

Newbie Charlie


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