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what size is the Porter Cable 897558 O-Ring

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That's a good thing to do , but in a case like this, you should consider the cost of fuel and your own time in the equation.
By all means try local first if it doesn't mean driving all over town.

Bill Houghton:
Not to take away from this great community, but you might try posing this question over on Old Woodworking Machines (http://www.owwm.org/index.php).  Several people there are very knowledgeable about Porter-Cable, including James Huston, who repairs them for a living.

at times, I use the same factor as Papaw,  running around using gas or wait for it
to arrive in the mail.

unless you need it NOW.

Actually 1.99 models are junk. There is a big difference in what O-rings are made of. I have a couple 333's and have needed o'rings. One time I thought I'd save some money and get the cheapo off ebay. It lasted less than 2 hours. I then got an OEM from an electric repair company here that had stock. Sure, it was about $8. but its lasted about 3 years now. The OEM is much softer and stronger material whereas the cheapo was harder and less flexible. I guess most times you do get what you pay for.

I went to the local Aubuchon Hardware store and in one of the "O-ring draws" ,I found one thin # 225 o-ring  listed as 1-3/4"
It fit the dust collector and seamed to be very snug with two of them. price $0.89/each ! :smiley:


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