Author Topic: The most beautiful tool I've ever owned...came from a "Free" pile this afternoon  (Read 9780 times)

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Wow, what a score!
Hold Fast


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Talk about the "Jennings Pattern" bit reminded me of part of a page I cut-and-pasted from a vintage hdw. comp. catalog.  Sorry, I don't have the date of the catalog at my mental fingertips.  Too, I've yet to go through all my auger bits to see if I agree with Strelinger's rap on the two patterns, but I thought youse might be interested in it.  Too, check the pricing of one of each; say, the 1/4" dia.

Do you think the  "genuine" was worth 50% more?  That argument seems to lose to price every time.  Domestic vs foreign, union vs open,  local vs Walmart  etc.

I like quality. I would really like to know, first hand, how well tge original performed vs. the copy.


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It's official.  I'm envious...
You might say I have a tool collecting problem....