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They only had three wrenchs at auction tonight. Two were Ford wrenchs which I had no interest in,but the third was a St Louis Wrench Co (C) wrench which I thought would enhance my basement décor. Finally asked the ring girl to sell the stupid wrench so I could go home (asked her to sell it alone but auctioneer insisted all three should be sold together) Anyway it now is mine. Rathbone shows (A) and (B) versions of this wrench selling at auction but not the (C).Anyhow I,m happy,happy,happy with my new buggy wrench.

Nice!  I was just looking at a similar wrench downstairs today, thinking I should clean it.  It's got what I think is a capital "E" in a circle, and some numbers — but like I hinted at, it needs some cleaning.  I've moved this wrench out of the way for just about exactly long enough and only now learn it's a buggy wrench.  Thanks, Jim.

I got the "A" version at the York Spring Auction. It's 6.5" long.

Patent was issue to John A. Miller of St. Louis. Patent feature was the eight point openings. Similar wrenches are marked Miller Vehicle Wrench.

So it looks like that 8-point opening is designed to fit two different size square nuts, is that correct? Were the sizes of square nuts fairly standard back then? (because I had the impression that nothing was standardized back then)

"E" in a circle could be manufactured by Eberhard.


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