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A harder to find cut out

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This one just made the trip across the pond to my house. It's a buy-to-sell thing though. I don't have enough money to keep wrenches like this.

nice catch from accross the ocean, and all the letters are still there.

also, in my favorite color, BROWN/RUST

Congrats again on "rescuing" that one from across the pond Dan! It looks like a real beauty. So what is the story with John Bull? Is that the name of a British farm equipment maker or something?

One story I have read, and have no way to verify, is that these were given out to people that bought "John Bull" baler twine. I would assume they had to buy a fair amount to get one, if there is any truth to the story.
I have tried checking into it, but John Bull is sort of like Acme here in the states. Way to many to track to a certain company without finding an ad or brochure or maybe a parts list showing the wrench.

John Bull was a brand for wrights ropes ltd, (makers of baler twine)
I don't think it is old enough tho....

Also a rubber company by that name, but I dunno why you would get a farm wrench for buying a fan belt...


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